Welcome to Music for Worship

Music for Worship was created in 2007 by popular LDS composer/producer/arranger, Brian Jensen, to promote music that is both beautiful and appropriate for performance in sacred worship services. Maintenance and day to day operations were assumed by Dan Whitley in January 2019.

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New Releases:

“Here Am I, Send Me”
by Paula S. Snow, Primary Song with Piano Accompaniment
“I Turn to Thee”
by Paula S. Snow for Women’s Choir (SSA) with Piano Accompaniment
“For My Soul Delighteth”
by Brian R. Jensen for Mixed Choir (SATB) and Piano
“A Heritage of Faith”
by Rachel Mecham Goates for Youth Chorus with Piano Accompaniment
“A Heritage of Faith”
by Rachel Mecham Goates – Piano Accompaniment Only mp3
“A Heritage of Faith”
by Rachel Mecham Goates – Orchestral Accompaniment Only mp3
“I Turn to Thee” Low/Medium Voice version
by Paula S. Snow for Vocal Solo with Piano Accompaniment

Music for Worship — “Have I Done Any Good?”

Enjoy this uplifting video featuring Music for Worship’s Vocal Solo version of “Have I Done Any Good?”, arranged by Brian Jensen, performed by Roger Hoffman.

Download this recording here.  Also available in sheet music for low, medium, or high voice!