Featured Contributor–Randy Britsch

Featured Contributor–Randy Britsch

Randy-Britsch-squareIn honor of celebrating our roots this month, we would like to introduce Randy Britsch, who created the original musicforworship.net website.

Randy Britsch was called as the ward primary chorister in 2003 after moving into Brian Jensen’s ward in Provo, Utah.  After hearing that Brian was a music arranger, Randy enlisted his help to arrange “Families Can Be Together Forever” for their ward primary program.

A few years later, Brian began talking about the creation of a music publishing company, so Randy offered to help in any way he could to make that vision a reality.  Randy and Brian began researching websites and purchased the musicforworship.net domain. They also investigated shopping cart plugins they could use to seamlessly integrate into the whole musicforworship.net site where they could sell PDF versions of sheet music or MP3 versions of recorded music. With the help of a graphic designer for the logo and the use of various landscape paintings by a local artist for use on the cover, the look of the site and materials came together. And then in 2007, the site launched.

Though none of that original website remains today at www.musicforworship.net except for the original music, that process of creating an LDS music site featuring beautiful arrangements and talented performers proved to be not only a huge blessing for LDS musicians, but it helped formulate a dear friendship between Randy and Brian.

Randy is a very happy husband to beautiful Rebecca, father of five girls and one boy, IT project manager, adjunct professor of Information Systems at BYU, amateur musician, and once again, ward primary chorister in Saratoga Springs, Utah.

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Rachel Mecham Goates is partner and Director of Marketing at Music for Worship and musicforworship.net. She is an award-winning composer, arranger, and songwriter, whose works have been widely performed in the United States and internationally. Rachel is the mother of seven children and resides in a rural town in central Utah.

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