Have I Done Any Good? — The Story Behind the Song

Have I Done Any Good? — The Story Behind the Song

In 2007, I created a small publishing company called “Music for Worship.”

The original idea was placed in my mind by my Father-in Law, Mike Manning. One day he pulled me aside and expressed his admiration for some orchestral music that I had produced for a client. He suggested I should spend some time creating my own music.

I pondered on that thought, and considered how I could share good and uplifting music with others. With several years of music arranging experience and hundreds of sheet music arrangements in print, I considered creating a publishing entity. The concept grew in my mind during the hours when my family and I cleaned a doctors office twice a week to earn some extra cash.

Having been recently released as bishop of my family ward, I saw a need for music that was more sacred in nature…not popular in quality, but more in a spirit of dignity that should prevail in a worship service centered around the ordinance of the Sacrament.

Before proceeding, I asked my wife Deby for her thoughts on the idea—and for her blessing. She told me that she liked the concept and encouraged me to “do something good” with my music.

Since I had determined to start with vocal solo arrangements of hymns, I chose “Have I Done Any Good?” to be the first in the collection—in honor of Deby.

Several years later (with vocal solos, choir music, piano solos, music for children, and music for youth in our library—and several additional composers and arrangers on board), we’re still trying to maintain our original vision and purpose.

It’s a big world, but we’ve tried to do a little bit of good here today.

Hopefully you have benefitted. I thank you for your kindness, for your support, and for your encouragement.

About The Author

Brian Jensen is the founder and Chief Editor at Music for Worship and musicforworship.net, a Utah based publisher of print music and recordings. He is an in-demand studio music arranger, producer, and orchestrator. With more than 500 sheet music arrangements in print, his credits include Macmillan/McGraw-Hill, Inspirational Music Showcase 60 Favorite Hymns, Inspirational Music Showcase 80 Most Requested LDS Songs, lds.org, Steven Kapp Perry, Michael McLean, Marvin Goldstein, Jessie Clark Funk, Jenny Jordan Frogley, Especially for Youth, Classroom Classics, April Moriarty & Todd McCabe. Born and raised in Southeastern Idaho, Brian lives in Provo, Utah with his wife Deby and their two children.

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