Music for Worship Piece Featured in Ensign Magazine — PLUS Accompaniment Tracks Now Available!

Music for Worship Piece Featured in Ensign Magazine — PLUS Accompaniment Tracks Now Available!

july-2016-ensign-magazine-mormon_1745265In 2010, Music for Worship composer Rachel Mecham Goates wrote an original theme song for the youth of her stake as they were preparing to embark on an unprecedented youth conference tour of nine major LDS historical sites.  That song, “A Heritage of Faith” was recently released by Music for Worship in our Songs for Youth collection.  An abbreviated version of the song has now been featured in the July 2016 Ensign Magazine published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

“This song’s theme is the common thread of faith between the young Joseph Smith, the Mormon pioneers, and modern Latter-day Saints,” says Rachel. “The legacy left by the early saints belongs to all of us who are traveling that same path of discipleship today. Although our challenges will certainly be different than theirs were, we will need to have that same level of determination and dedication. We ‘mark the path’, so to speak, for those who come after us as we move forward with faith in Jesus Christ and refuse to be tossed about by the world. The chorus ends with a pledge to do that very thing– ‘Steadfast and believing in my day, I will leave a heritage of faith.'”

Music for Worship is pleased to announce the availability of professionally recorded accompaniment tracks, both piano only and with light orchestration, to compliment the use of “A Heritage of Faith”. (The original version of the song includes a key change and additional chorus, and can be heard here.) These accompaniment tracks are perfect for wards or stakes with limited musical resources or for occasions such as trek where a piano is not available. We also offer a piano-only accompaniment track that corresponds with the abbreviated Ensign version of “A Heritage of Faith”.

Watch the original music video of “A Heritage of Faith” here.

Read the story of how the song was written here.

About The Author

Rachel Mecham Goates is partner and Director of Marketing at Music for Worship and She is an award-winning composer, arranger, and songwriter, whose works have been widely performed in the United States and internationally. Rachel is the mother of seven children and resides in a rural town in central Utah.

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